Tennis Elbow in Greenwood IN

Tennis Elbow in Greenwood IN

Do you suffer from tennis elbow in Greenwood? The term tennis elbow has developed the misconception that the condition only affects athletes who participate in racquet sports. In reality, tennis elbow only affects approximately five percent of individuals who play tennis and is more commonly associated with occupations or hobbies that involve repetitive motion of the forearm and wrist. In fact, tennis elbow is a specific term that describes people who experience chronic and repeated episodes of pain that is isolated primarily to the top of the forearm and outside of the elbow. As is true with many conditions, certain people in various occupations are more susceptible to developing the symptoms. For example; people who are actively involved in fishing, butchering, long term computer use, plumbing, repeated screwdriver use, waiting, guitar playing, painting, and carpentry have been all shown to develop this ailment. Tennis elbow can affect anyone, but has found to occur more frequently in people who suddenly begin tasks that involve using muscle groups that they are not accustomed to using and has been shown to have a higher rate of occurrence in people aged 30-50 years old.

The development of tennis elbow can be difficult to identify and pain is often one of the first symptoms. Tennis elbow typically develops slowly and people suffering from the condition often cannot remember any specific injury. As mentioned before, the pain is located on the outer portion of the elbow and is often described as sharp and burning. Besides the development of pain, people suffering from tennis elbow often gradually begin to notice the development of weakness in the hand of the affected arm. Weak grip strength is usually noticed when shaking hands, turning a screw driver, holding a coffee cup, opening doors or holding gardening tools. People may also notice that they drop objects more frequently as the condition progresses.

How is tennis elbow diagnosed?
Typically, staff members at Greenwood Pain Management are capable of diagnosing tennis elbow through your clinical presentation. In other words, our doctors are able to identify your condition by the symptoms you present with, the history of the condition you provide, information regarding your daily activities, and knowledge of your occupation. Since other conditions can cause pain on the outer portion of the elbow, Greenwood Pain Management has the resources to perform or arrange for more advanced diagnosing procedures such as; MRI, X-Ray, and EMG.

What is the best treatment available for tennis elbow?

Our integrated team offers a number of treatment options for tennis elbow. Often the nerve interference caused by spinal misalignments is responsible for the abnormal muscle patterns causing the pain and weakness of tennis elbow. As a result, restoring normal spinal function often alleviates the symptoms of tennis elbow. Greenwood Pain Management also has the appropriate resources to provide compressive braces and bandaging that can be applied to the region to provide relief. Our doctors may provide simple instructions such as applying ice and elevating the arm to provide symptomatic relief. Finally, since our team is dedicated to prevention, we will provide counseling to alter and address activities that may be contributing to the condition.

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