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Do you have plantar fasciitis in Greenwood? When the band that connects your calcaneus (heel bone) to the toes, the plantar fascia, becomes inflamed it can cause a lot of pain. Plantar fasciitis is most prevalent in runners, obese/overweight individuals, pregnant women, as well as people that wear improper shoes with little to no support. Other likely causes and/or contributing factors may be too much standing, vitamin c deficiency, and a sudden change to increased activity. Likelihood of developing this condition increases between the ages of 40 to 70. Someone suffering from plantar fasciitis may experience stabbing pain in the hell and it generally is worse first thingin the morning with the first few steps of the day. The pain can be alleviated with continued walking. It is not common to experience planar fasciitis in both feet simultaneously. If left untreated, a heel spur may occur.

In order to make a proper diagnosis of plantar fasciitis, an exam must be performed. During the exam, your foot will be tested by performing reflexes, testing the muscle strength and tone, as well as coordination and balance. A structural evaluation will also be performed to check the knees, hips and pelvis. If there is poor weight distribution or improper gait (walking pattern) than that may have caused the plantar fasciitis. To rule out any other possible causes, such as a heel spur, fracture, or subluxation, an x-ray may be taken.

Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis can be treated with soft tissue work. The goal is to restore full range of motion in the different joints of the ankle and foot while minimizing stress to the plantar fascia. It is also common to work on the muscles of the calf to improve flexibility.

The stretches that will be prescribed for at home are used to help the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia. Applying kinesotape or athletic tape might also be advised. In very severe and painful situations, there is a chance that a night split night be required. This night split is used to stretch the muscles on the bottom of your foot and in your lower leg. In doing this, the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia are being lengthened which relieves pain. It is regularly prescribed to invest in proper orthotics to help evenly distribute the pressure from body weight.

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, call us at Greenwood Pain Management to see what we can do for you. While you are at home we recommend stretching your plantar fascia. This will aid in the pain and help the healing process. A great way to alleviate pain, without medication, is to perform ice massages over the site of the pain regularly. It is recommended you do this at least three to four times and day for no more than 20 minutes at a time.

To prevent the development of plantar fasciitis, it is suggested to invest in proper orthotics for arch support and to maintain a healthy weight.

If you need assistance to prevent or treat your plantar fasciitis in Greenwood, just give us a call!

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